Flame of Ethics

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"Darkness of Vices spread all over,
Do not plunder like Robbers under its cover,Do not sleep like Cowards cursing the Darkness, Awake our Conscience to light up the candle of Virtue.

Flame of Ethics

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       Nilambur is a beautiful town on the banks of Chaliyar River spacing about 70 Kms from Calicut City and 100 Kms from the Hill Station, Ooty. Chaliyar Hospital, Nilambur is a 150-bed multispeciality hospital with modern amenities located at Nilambur Town in an area with village atmosphere and civic facilities with temperate climate. It is the pioneer health concern by the Chaliyar Hospitals Private Ltd., an organization committed for total health care to man kind. We are a fast growing group with great ambition, vision and intention to expand our activities world over. Ours is a well-planned, well-constructed, well-equipped modern hospital with 150 beds in the first stage of the project, which is operational now. It is with a master plan to develop into a 500-bed multi-super specialty hospital. Now we have all the major departments of Modern Medicine (Allopathy) viz., General Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics etc. Apart from the modern medicine departments we have a Department of Combined Health Sciences where all the indigenous and alternative medical systems are blended  scientifically and efficiently. We have the various departments for Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Siddha, Acupuncture, Naturopathy and other forms of alternative medicines. At this Hospital all the disciplines of medicine and health care are combined and coordinated in the most scientific way under the supervision of postgraduate doctors of Modern Medicine (Allopathy). We are achieving tremendous benefit for the various diseases and problems which failed to be cured and relieved by treatment from different places. Several desperate patients were cured of their illness and saved by the scientific blending of the various disciplines and methods of health care and treatment to achieve total health i.e., Physical, mental, social and spiritual health.

Master Plan

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We have about 50000 sq.ft. Area of concrete buildings with all facilities like modern medicalamenities, equipments, furniture etc. We have about 80 private rooms and general wards to accommodate patients. We have a modern canteen to provide quality food for all.

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We have a team of highly qualified and dedicated manpower to carry out the mission of total health care. We extend total care to all the patients and their relatives to meet all the personal needs including accommodation, food, travel etc.

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How you can avail our services

You can also avail our services in various ways as follows. We arrange for tour and travel facilities throughout Kerala, India, and abroad. We provide you various informations and helps on Study, Education, Research, Health care, Business, Investments, Industries, Technology, Science, Arts, Literature, Religion, Culture, Society, Politics, Economy, History, Philosophy etc. as per your requirements.

Wed Us as

1.Our Customer

You can come here at any time and avail our diagnostic, evaluative and curative services either as outpatient or in-patient at the most reasonable price.

2.Our Member

You can become a Member of the Chaliyar Hospital by paying $ 1000/- (Thousand Dollars) such a member is entitled for free health evaluation with free accommodation for one week every year for life.

3.Our Associate

You become an Associate of the Chaliyar Hospital by paying $5000/- (Five Thousand Dollars). An Associate is a person who is interested to work and study at our institution about the various methods and forms of the total health care we give.Such a person is entitled  for free food and accommodation for a period of one year. He/She will be provided facility for the theoretical and practical learning of the total health care system as well as setting up and management of such an institution . The medium of education will be English.

4.Our Patron

You can become a Patron of the Chaliyar Hospital by paying $10000/- (Ten Thousand Dollars). such a person  is entitled for free health evaluation free private room accommodation  and free food for a period of one month every year for 2 persons for life. A patron will get 20% discount for all the treatment expenditures incurred. If you do not want your privilege to be used for any year you are entitled to transfer the privilege for price to any other 2 persons and we do help you for that. A patron will get 20% discount for all the treatment expenditures incurred for him and his nominees. A patron can nominate upto 20 persons who can avail free consultation by all the doctors at the hospital. A patron can avail the facilities of the guest house on prior booking and all the services extended by the hospital, as a patron is loved & respected with gratitude as an important family member of the organization. A patron can avail an interest of 15% per annum if such services are not availed.

5.Our Owner

You become the Owner of Chaliyar Hospital by investing in the project. The minimum investment is $ 50000/- (Fifty Thousand Dollars). The owner is entitled for 20% Discount for all services extended by the hospital and free food and accommodation in the guest house of the hospital for a week every year. The share certificates will be issued. The owner can join the hospital as a working partner if desired so. A buy back facility is available after a period of five years, always at a profit. The owner can sell the shares at any time in the market and we help for the same. The owner is entitled to keep the investment as a share advance and avail 15% interest if not interested in dividends.

6.Our Student

We provide education & training for persons from India and abroad on various aspects of the profession, management etc. with facilities for food and accommodation in our campus and tour and travel through out the country at reasonable price. The medium of education will be English.

N.B.: - All the decisions by the Board of Directors of Chaliyar Hospital shall be final regarding the confirmation of any of the rights. In case of rejection or cancellation the amount paid shall be refunded. All payments are preferred to be in U.S. Dollars or in equivalent amounts of other currencies.


Chaliyar Health Club

All the above holders of our services are accepted to the above club where they get preference for the old age care and the total health care programs of the hospital with discounts throughout their life.

Chaliyar Housing

The housing project is in association with Chaliyar Construction Corporation and has unique features. We provide modern villas as well as flats with super class civic facilities with village atmosphere at the most economic price. Several plots are already procured and waiting for development and the customers just need to get the key and start living in. Details of this are provided on request.

Your Help is needed

We solicit financial, Professional, Technical, Scientific and other helps for our service activities  to the backward, poor and down trodden. Hospital equipments, instruments, monitors, endoscopes, scans etc. unused by you may be of use to us.

Senior Citizens

The Hospital is having attached homes and rooms for the senior citizens all over the world, where all the aged gents and ladies are cared and looked after in the most humane and scientific manner.

The brief details of which are as follows:-

One who joins the club becomes the member of a large family with Relatives world over with real Love beyond the limits of any kind of discrimination (Viz., Cast, Creed, Religion, Country, Continent, Class, Age, Sex etc.). One can be accommodated to our house at any time after the age of 60 years or earlier subject to the approval of the Medical Board. We undertake  the total care of you after 60 and will be assigned a small task as per the recommendation of the Medical Board to keep you engaged and to give you the feeling that you are not a rotten cabbage to be thrown to the drains and to make use of your talents and knowledge benefited to the coming generation. You will have qualified and dedicated staff at our house to give you total care (Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual) in the most scientific and humane way. You can join the club by taking time-shares as specified below which can be withdrawn at any time you want.
If the service is unavailed by the permanent share holder either by will or by death the money shall be returned to the legal heir in full. If the service is only partially availed the balance will be returned as the average life span is 80 years of age.

Permanent time



Age Upto 20 Yrs

Age At 30 Yrs

Age  At 40 Yrs

Age At 50 Yrs

Age At 60 yrs

$1000 +$200 per year of age
above 20 Yrs

$3000 + $300 per year of age above 30Yrs

$6000 + $400 per year of age above
40 Yrs

$10000 + $500 per year of age above 50 Yrs

$15000 -$200 per year of age above 60Yrs


Current Tariff for Temporary Stay

$50 per day $600 per month $5000 per year

                                                               busBusiness and Investments


We all have only one life . We do work. We are wanted by everybody.  But, Have we ever thought of ourselves. Life is precious.  Life has a purpose beyond just Eating,  Drinking and Merriment.   Nobody keep us in house once the life has left our body and we go  to the graveyard. The soul which juvenate you and me are the same and  we are just part of the Divine Universe. We invite you to INVEST  in  this project which is three dimentional as if Body, Mind and Soul.You are most welcome to join us.


How to make the payments

All the payments can be made in installments if preferred so. To book a privilege, an advance of not less than 10% of the total amount should be paid. The holding of a privilege come in force only after 50% of the total amount is paid up.In case of rejection or cancellation of a privilage by either party the amount paid shall be refunded with 15% of simple interest in rupees.The holder of privilege is entitled for conversion of the privilege to another and has preference to avail another privilege. All payments should be made to Dr.Prakash Sebastian, Director, Chaliyar Hospital,  Nilambur as DD/cheque/Cash, or be remitted to the following account.

CITI BANK – CITI INBX 5901652009.


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Our Family

Your advices, suggestions,  complaints, queries etc are most welcome to enlighten us to be of greater use  to you.
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